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Treatment and Disposal

Carry out the appropriate treatment gently and quickly in a confident manner. Reassurance and encouragement of the casualty is most important – calmness and efficiency on the part of the First Aider will inspire greater confidence than mere words. Common sense is essential on every occasion. Pay attention to the casualty’s requests and any remarks […]

Conscious and Unconscious Casualties

Use all your senses to obtain maximum information and diagnose the casualty – look, speak, listen, feel and smell. If the casualty is conscious: look and size up the problem as you approach; ask him if he has pain and where it is; examine that part first; ask him if he thinks there is anything […]

Urgent Needs and Priority Taking

The First Aider must first reduce to a minimum any danger to the casualty or to himself (take care to avoid becoming a second casualty), e.g. in the case of: fire and collapsing buildings: move the casualty to safety; road accidents: instruct someone to control the traffic; electrocution: switch off the current; take necessary precautions […]

First Aiding Multiple Casualties

So, what are the main things that we must know in case of a real emergency? Well, firs of all, the first aider must be prepared to take responsibility. This includes: an appreciation of the situation; diagnosis; treatment and disposal; taking charge until someone more experienced is available. Where there is more than one casualty […]